About Us

Woodentots Consult Limited (WCL)

Registered in Nigeria as a Provider certified by the CPD Standards Office, the Professional Development Consortium, United Kingdom. WCL was established in 2012 with the aim of filling the gap for providing support to schools, improving the quality of education in Nigeria, and providing quality training for continuous professional development of Teachers’ in the Early Years  Nursery and Primary School.

The importance of regular training of key players in the education industry in acquiring teaching skills that are responsive to this cyber age child is integral to the growth of a school and the overall quality of education it provides. Improving Teachers and Administrators learning framework for a more informed effective classroom delivery and school management is a major necessity.

Our training modules are developed in line with CPD standards and are tailored to suit the changing needs in education.

Our target audience are Head Teachers, School Administrators, Curriculum owners, Nursery Section leaders, Primary School leaders, Class teachers and Assistant teachers.

 Our training sessions are facilitated by a team of certified professionals.

 Yinka Awobo-Pearse (M. Ed) is the Lead Consultant, with over 15 years’ experience is education industry in Nigeria and 12 years experience in project management.